About Us

We provide Child Dental Awareness Programs to Schools, Nurseries and Private Groups.

Our Vision
We aim to increase our children's level of awareness and knowledge related to their dental health, re-enforce caries prevention and build positive attitude toward dentists.

Our Core Values
Our aim is to move from values to behavior

At the root of professionalism we offer our service. Completing the professional responsibility is a priority to us. We work toward acquiring new skills to be competent and to take our professional knowledge to the next level.

Child development is our passion. We recognize and respect the unique qualities, abilities, and potential of each child. We believe in Total Wellness. The intensity we devote to the development of children to be whole and healthy in all aspects (physically, psychologically as well as academically) is clear evidence of our passion

We are targeting excellence in all that we do. Eexcellence calls on us to achieve to the very best of our capabilities and exceed our own expectations and the expectations of others as well.

We enjoy what we do. We work hard; but even hard work can be fun. We believe a fun environment delivers better care to the children. We strive for excellence and we have fun.

Commitment entails being responsive to meet the needs of the children we serve. We are committed to peruse the personal develop for each child to ensure his/her welfare.