What We Offer

More Aware Kids

1- Educational Session
Trying to raise our kids' awareness regarding their dental health, using different professional activities and simple scientific explanation appropriate to each age group, the following topics are presented:
  • What teeth are, their physiological formation, their different functions, their shedding and eruption.
  • What decay is, its reasons and how to prevent it.
  • Right brushing and flossing technique.
  • Right dietary habits.
  • How to eat sweets with minimal negative effect.
  • Wrong oral habits, its effects and how to stop them.

2- Fluoride Application
Fluoride material is applied for each child.
Fluoride is used to strengthen teeth structure and increase its caries resistance (remineralization). Single dose with disposable applicator is used for each child.

3- Screening
We provide quick but detailed diagnosis and early detection and guidance to treatment if needed. Diagnosis is done for each child in a separate diagnostic chart using disposable instruments.

More Aware Parents

Parents Session
Making sure parents are well equipped to help in the prevention process for their kids, and trying to provide them with what is necessary to know about their kids' dental health.
The following topics are presented through our parents' educational session:
  • Fundamental information to help in the prevention process of your kid.
  • Emergency treatment in case your child is subjected to any dental trauma, broken tooth, injured lip.
  • Shedding and eruption (dates and characteristics of this phase)
  • Wrong destructive oral habits mistakenly done by parents that have to be stopped
  • Parents' role during brushing
  • Fundamental information for pregnant mothers affecting the kids' dental health
  • Preventing and giuding in treatment for wrong oral habits: thumb sucking, mouth breathing, …etc