Personal Benefits (to the child)
  • Increase child awareness regarding his/her dental health.
  • Prevention against caries and teeth related pain.
  • Reinforce the right oral habits.
  • Referring children to their dentist if treatment is needed
  • Familiarization with the dentist and the dental office.
  • Colored booklet with the session material, brushing calendar and give away gifts.

Public Benefits (to the school or nursery)
  • Helping you to be a pioneer school/nursery that is always trying to achieve the Total Wellness of the students. Your entity will have the precedence to achieve its goals to develop its students on all aspects: academically, psychologically and physiologically.
  • Increasing the level of general health knowledge and dental awareness for its students, whom are considered the adults of the future. Taking the initiative to introduce a healthy child/youth to the society.